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Xander  Howe 09/13/02
At 36 weeks gestation my doctor discovered that I had polyhydrominos. A Type 2 ultra sound was performed and they did not discover anything. For the next 3 weeks I had fluid drained, and stress tests done. At 38 weeks during a stress test, a medical student discovered the Teratoma.  At exactly 40 weeks, I flew to PA and went to CHOP to deliver Xander via EXIT procedure At 3 day's they removed the teretoma. The Teratoma weighted 1 pound. It was on his neck, primarily on the left side, and the left side of his face was puffy from fluid. The  Teratoma had been laying on his trachea causing it to be floppy. He was trached during the surgery.  We were in Philadelphia for 3 weeks, and then transported home to Children's Memorial in Chicago. He spent another 4 weeks there and at almost 2 months old; we finally were able to bring him home. At 5 months we discovered a teratoma on the right side of his neck. It was the size of a dime. 6 weeks later he had surgery to removed it, By this time it had grown to be the size of a golf ball.
8 day's before his first birthday, we were able to remove the trach. This was the 2nd attempt, the first one he was 10 months, and was not able to handle it. During his first surgery they had to remove most of his thyroid, and is now on synthroid, 1 pill a day. There is a lot of scar tissue & scars in and on his neck, but he is doing great, keeps up with his older brother’s and even played Football last season.
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